NewSpaceVision – Fresh out the box: Updates about NewSpace in Europe #1

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a lot is going on in the NewSpace sector nowadays and there are many opportunities in front of us. That is why we are planning to publish this content fortnightly in which we highlight a few NewSpace topics with a focus on the European Sector. This time we are going to focus on funding.
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NewSpace in Europe

Rocket launches are getting cheaper and cheaper. Orbex, a European space launch company based in UK, developed an innovative fuel tank architecture. The new technology could reduce the dry mass by 30% compared to traditional technologies. In July 2017 Orbex won the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument award.

Orbital Access brings objects into space in a different way. They will use a fully re-usable horizontal take-off launch system with maximum payloads of 500kg. They recently got a 200.000€ contract with ESA as part of its Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO) technology program. Furthermore Orbital Access announced that they will open a headquarter in Malta in a few weeks. From a geographically perspective a wise decision.

ThrustMe is developing an electric propulsion that is more efficient than still existing ones. They claim to be able to double the thrust of a regular miniaturized electric propulsion system at only 40 percent the size. ThrustMe raised 1.7million€ from Kima Ventures and a collection of U.S. and European angel investors.

Current and NewSpace Business Fields
Source: BMWI

Around the Globe

A good message from Africa, especially considering a space topic. It makes me smile when I read that Ghanasat-1 was released from the ISS at the 7th July 2017. „It has opened the door for us to do a lot of activities from space,“ the product coordinator Dr Richard Damoah said. Hopefully there is still a lot to come.

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Sometimes satellites collide, get lost or get destroyed. The debris could cause huge damage on other objects and some people are thinking about to pick up the particles. Astroscale, a Singapore based satellite services company got a €21.8mil injection. The company aims to make its efforts to clean up space debris into a commercial business in 2020.

Have you heard that Australia commissioned a review to develop a long-term plan to grow the Australian space industry sector? Here you will find an article discussing why Australia perhaps needs his own space agency.


You are new into this big NewSpace topic? You need something that gives you an overview about the involved bigger companies? Bloomberg writes about the NewSpace Revolution and gives an insight look into Planet (Labs).

Every now and then we organize events. The next one is going to be the biggest one of them. On September 3rd from 10am to 5pm you will be able to meet i.a. the group behind Hybrid Airplane and you will see their h-aero flying.
We can’t tell you more yet. Details will follow soon.

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To start inspired into the new week I would like to end this article with an awesome piece of art: Wanderers by Erik Wernquist.
Lean back, turn up the volume and switch to full screen.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do :).

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