„What would you do with actionable information about every square meter on Earth, updated every single hour?“ That is the slogan of ICEYE, the hottest space hardware Startup in Europe. At our next Meetup ICEYE will present their newest achievements and their technology.

We already recorded a podcast with the founder Pekka Laurila back in 2017 where he is telling the crazy story of the beginning of ICEYE.

Our second Startup is UP42, a marketplace for EO applications.

LiveEO is already using this platform because of the advanced technology and access to satellite data. At this Meetup Up42 will tell us more about large scale polarimetric processing of Synthetic Aperature Radar images in UP42.

Our third guest is Airbus, which is operating TerrarSAR.

TerrarSAR is one of the most powerful commercially available Radar-Satellites. Airbus will tell us more about their applications which are proven for years.

After a presentation of each entrepreneur we will follow up with a fire site chat with all presenters and Q & A with NewSpaceVisionaries from the audience. Of course we keep our open ended GET TOGETHER session with some snacks and drinks at the end.

For the first time our event is sponsored by ESA. We are happy to get this support.

If you want to pitch your idea at the Meetup please send a short e-mail to!

Sven and I are working on a new project of NewSpaceVision which will change the German Space ecosystem.

Therefore, we need an intern who speaks Englisch and German and is interested in the space industry. A technical background is not mandatory but project management skills are required. Please send you CV to if you are interested in a paid internship at NewSpaceVision starting asap for three to six months.

Also we have recorded another podcast with the former lead strategist of NASA!

Our newest podcast guest is Gary Martin, who worked more than a decade for NASA and who is now working as a Senior Advisor for the Luxembourg Space Agency! He knows the New Space economy since the start and has played a major rule in setting the foundation with forming the new space act under Obama.
We are talking about the differences of NewSpace in the USA vs. Europe, how he entered the space sector and what role national space agencies play in the development of a vital NewSpace scene.

We hope you enjoy it and would be happy if you would share it with your friends and colleagues!

Looking forward to seeing you at our next event

Sven and Daniel

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