NewSpaceVision Podcast #3 – Kadri Bussov from ESTcube

The ESTcube foundation is currently building the ESTcube-2 satellite. Its main objectives are to test plasma brake deorbiting capabilities and electric solar wind sail propulsion. The 3U cubesat will also include two cameras, a high-speed communication subsystem and test a corrosion resistant coating. We sit down with Kadri Bussov, member of the management board of ESTcube.

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NewSpaceVision Podcast #1 with Interstellar Ventures Founder Sebastian Straube

We are very happy to present our first podcast episode. This one focusses on the work of an emerging space venture capital fond. The insights and opinions from visionary Sebastian on the status and development of the space sector are very interesting and we think that there are numerous takeaways for entrepreneurs and new space visionaries!

The NewSpaceVision Podcast series gives an insightful perspective on entrepreneurship in the field of NewSpace in Europe and abroad!

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