NewSpace in Germany: Planet‘s Berlin Office presents its activities

Tom Segert is one of the most prominent and inspiring personalities in the German space sector. He co-founded the company Berlin Space Technologies and uses an agile and innovative approach to develope and build satellites. Under the title New Space in Germany he already published several articles on his LinkedIn page, you can find the whole series here, Kindly we are able to republish some of this articles on Enjoy!

A view forward – A view back.

Many things are moving in Berlin. A number of initiatives towards NewSpace have been kicked-off in the last year. One of them NewSpace Vision is an active player organising a series of meetings with top speakers from key players of the industry. NewSpace Vision ( has been founded by Sven Przywarra and is co-organised by Daniel Seidel. Both Sven and Daniel are good friends and very active in their vision to make Berlin the leading NewSpace Hub in Germany.

If you are in Berlin I encourage you to visit their meetings or if you have an interesting company active in NewSpace make contacts, the guys are happy to give you a forum to present the awesome things that you are doing.

Planet in Berlin

Yesterdays Highlight was the visit of Mr. Vitale head of Planet’s Berlin office. Planet has an office in Berlin since they have acquired the RapidEye Constellation from Blackbridge in 2015. The presentation in the usual Planet splendour focused on the vision to image the whole world every day and by this create actionable information. What I found interesting is that each of the Doves have today a 100Mbit/s X-Band transmitter which downloads data to 26 receiving stations all over the world. This is a pretty impressive feature for such a small satellite and the whole constellation. As commercial feasibility is always dependent on how many pixels you can download this potentially increases profitability.

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Next Event: Planet Labs – 31.01.2017 at 19.00

When: 31.01.2017 @ 19.00

Where: H0110 (Main Building, Ground Floor), Str. des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin

 NewSpaceVision will kick off the new year with a presentation from one of the big players of the NewSpace industry! Planet (previously called Planet Labs) is one of the biggest producers of satellites and operates one of the largest satellite constellations in orbit! Their mission is to monitor the surface of the earth on a daily basis and in a variety of bandwiths to detect changes in planet growth, water bodies or resource usage to name just a few applications.  The company which is based in San Fransisco and is backed by Venture Capital aquired the German Earth Observation Company BlackBridge in 2015 and formed its German branch in Berlin. On the 31st of January the General Manager of Berlin Operations Mr. Vitale will give a look into the work of this truly unique company at NewSpaceVision.

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All the best,

Sven Przywarra & Daniel Seidel

NewSpaceVision #5 – Lab Visit @ Astro- und Feinwerktechnik [15.12]

This is the 5th edition of our NewSpaceVision/NewSpace MeetUp and also a very special one. At 18.15 on the 15.12 we will have the chance to visit the facilities of one the biggest space hardware manufacturers in the Berlin aera and a industry leader in its field:

Astro und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof


The company offers a wide range of space products and services and does a lot of the pre fligth testing themselfe, so they are the perfect company for an interesting Labaratory tour!

Special Feature: After a presentation from the companiey’s CEO Dr. Sebastian Scheidings and the tour the company sponsors free Glühwein (mulled wine)!

Because of the limited space we also have a only a limited contigent for participants. Please register under the following link:

Hope to see a lot of you at the last NewSpaceVision Event of the year 2016!

The Event:

  • Laboratory Tour@ Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH
  • Date/Time: 15.12.2016 @ 18.15
  • Please register here.
  • Location: Kekuléstraße 4, 12489 Berlin

[Next Event: Planet Labs, 31.01.2016]

All the best,

Sven Przywarra.